Anterior cruciate ligament surgery also referred to as ACL reconstruction is a procedure done for people who have damaged their ACL through accidents or sports. It is particularly useful for athletes and other physically active individuals who need full range of motion and strength of the knee. According to Dr. S. K. Gupta, this procedure is advised to enable individuals to remain active and prevent the worsening of the knee.

Types of ACL Reconstruction

1. Autograft Reconstruction: This involves using the patient’s own tendon, such as the patellar or hamstring tendon to replace the ACL.

2. Allograft Reconstruction: This procedure uses a tendon from a cadaver, which means a body of a deceased person, for reconstruction.

The Surgical Procedure

1. Preoperative Preparation:

·        Advanced diagnostic processes and scans like the MRI.

·        Physiotherapy to reduce inflammation and improve the mobility of the knee joint.

2. Knee Arthroscopy:

·        Dr. S. K. Gupta mostly uses knee arthroscopy for ACL ligament surgery because it is minimally invasive.

·        A small camera (arthroscope) is inserted into the knee joint to capture images of the joint.

3. Graft Harvesting and Placement:

·        The damaged ACL is removed, and drill sockets are created in the femur and tibia.

·        The graft (either autograft or allograft) is then placed through these tunnels and secured with screws or other fixation devices.

4. Closure and Recovery:

·        The incisions are made and the knee is cleaned and bandaged.

·        A knee brace is often used to provide support during the initial stages of the injury.

Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation

1. Initial Recovery:

·        The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) rule is used in the treatment of swelling and pain.

·        Pain management with prescribed medications.

·        Crutches and a knee brace to help walk around.

2. Rehabilitation:

According to Dr. S. K. Gupta it is advisable to start with physiotherapy at the earliest in order to strengthen the knee and make it more flexible.

·        The rehabilitation program involves muscle contraction and strengthening of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and other muscles that surround the joint.

·        It is recommended to slowly increase the intensity and range of motion of exercises to facilitate a proper healing process.

Risks and Complications

While ACL ligament surgery and knee arthroscopy are generally safe, they do carry some risks:Both ACL ligament surgery and knee arthroscopy are relatively safe procedures, but like any surgery, they have certain risks:

·        Infection

·        Blood clots

·        Graft failure

·        Limited flexibility or knee rigidity

·        Persistent pain

Long-term Outcomes

Most of the patients should be able to return to their pre-injury functional level within 6-12 months following ACL reconstruction if there is proper rehabilitation. Therefore, due to Dr. S. K. Gupta’s experience in ACL ligament surgery and knee arthroscopy, the patients are likely to get the best treatment and a high possibility of getting back to an active lifestyle.

In conclusion, ACL ligament surgery also known as ACL reconstruction is a very successful surgical procedure that is done to reconstruct the knee joint by specialists such as Dr. S. K. Gupta. It is important to adhere to the post-operative protocol and have a proper rehabilitation schedule to achieve the best outcome.

At the moment, Dr. S. K. Gupta is considered one of the best arthroscopy surgeons who focuses on sports injury treatment, ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy, and knee preventive surgery. He has been doing minimally invasive surgeries for quite some time now and is favored by athletes and other individuals who want to be back on the field or at work as soon as possible.

Expertise and Specializations

1. ACL Reconstruction:

·        Dr. S. K. Gupta has extensive experience in ACL reconstruction, which is a delicate procedure for patients who have a torn anterior cruciate ligament. This type of treatment is useful in improving the stability and performance of the knee particularly for the athletes and other physically active individuals.

2. Knee Arthroscopy:

·        Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that Dr. Gupta uses to diagnose and treat various knee disorders with the least amount of incisions. This method entails the use of a small camera (arthroscope) to see the knee joint and carry out surgery with precision and minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.

3. Sports Injury Treatment:

·        Since Dr. Gupta deals with sports injuries, he treats athletes fully. His practice is not only surgical but also preventive and management strategies that are most suitable for the patient.

4. Knee Prevention Surgery:

·        Dr. Gupta also undertakes knee preservation surgery, which is done in a way that aims at avoiding more harm and harm to the knee joint. This may include treatments to manage possible causes of severe adverse effects if not treated.

Surgical Approach

1. Comprehensive Evaluation:

·        The assessment of every patient involves MRI and physical examination in order to determine the most suitable treatment regimen.

2. Personalized Treatment Plans:

·        Dr. Gupta develops specific treatment programs based on the nature of the injury and the patient’s occupation. In this manner, the patient receives the best care and the time taken for recovery is also minimal.

3. Minimally Invasive Techniques:

·        Dr. Gupta performs surgeries through knee arthroscopy, where he makes small incisions on the knee, and this reduces the period of recovery and pain after the surgery. This method is particularly useful for the athletes who wish to return to their sport.

4. Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation:

·        Emphasis is placed on the follow-up care and physiotherapy after the surgery. Dr. Gupta works with physiotherapists to create an exercise regimen that helps patients regain muscle strength around the knee joint, flexibility, and confidence in the joint.

Patient Success Stories

The patients of Dr. S. K. Gupta are mostly content with the outcome of the treatment. His patients, especially athletes and sportsmen, appreciate his dedication towards restoring their movement and physical fitness. Some of the success stories include several athletes who have gone back to their respective fields as better and tougher individuals.

Recognition and Awards

Dr. Gupta has been honored with many awards because of his outstanding achievements in knee surgery and sports injury management. He has been acclaimed for his contribution in the field of arthroscopy and for the improvement of patient care.


Dr. S. K. Gupta is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries, ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy and knee preventive surgery for those seeking the best. ) He is a dedicated doctor with a new approach towards the treatment and management of patients, ensuring that each patient receives the best care.

Whether you are an athlete with a sports injury or a person who wants to improve the functionality of the knee and prevent future issues, Dr. S. K. Gupta’s patient-centered and comprehensive approach is why he is one of the best arthroscopy surgeons.

Steps to Take

1. Research: Learn about the surgeons, their experience, and the outcome of the surgeries that they have performed.

2. Consultation: Schedule a meeting with the best doctors and tell them about your problem and the possible solutions.

3. Questions to Ask:

·        How many ACL reconstruction surgeries have you performed?

·        How frequent are you in performing these surgeries and what is the average success rate?

·        What is the common practice in case of a failure and how much time does it take?

·        Are there any other patients whom you have attended to that you can provide references or testimonies from?

That is why it is important to consult with the best surgeons like Dr. S. K. Gupta and ensure that you get all the information about your knee injury.