1. What if I am consuming any blood thinning medicines?

If you have been consuming any blood thinning medicines, you may have to stop before surgery as adviced by physician. So kindly pay attention and inform.

2. What all papers would be required?

Bring all the papers of previous medical treatments.

3. Is there any criteria for booking the date for surgery?

OT booking is done on prior booking basis. So kindly meet the concerned person for fixing the date of surgery. It is associated with OT booking amount, providing relevant information etc

4. Does the hospital cover cashless insurance facilities?

For details please visit the TPA Desk at Galaxy Hospital, Bhopal.

5. What should be done in case of any change in plan for date of surgery?

In case of any change in plan for date of surgery from your side please inform (phone no 0755 – 2411222, +91 97556 46666) hospital or staff concerned beforehead, to let someone else get the time slot for surgery.

6. What is the reporting time for surgery? What should I bring along?

Patient has to come to hospital one day before surgery date at 5 pm along with all the X-ray, MRI film and presently continuing medicines. WhatsApp your reports to +91 9755597436 or +91 97556 46666 at least 2 days prior to the surgery.

Our Efforts To Control Infection In Perioperative Period

1. Modular OT

2. Laminar air flow system with hepa filters

3. Horizontal autoclave

4. ETO machine

5. One way traffic system in OT

6. Three part zoning system in OT complex

7. Personal protective instruments eg. gloves, mask etc.

8. ETP plant

9. Strict hand hygiene practices

10. WHO surgical safety programme

11. Hospital infection control programme

12. Dedicated infection control team

13. Linen & instrument management system


1. Any specific care needs to be taken after the stitch removal?

From the next day of stitch removal, Ice Compressions has to be done for 5-10 minutes thrice a day (for about 2 to 3 weeks).

2. When should I wear Long Knee Belt?

Always wear Long Knee Belt while walking and inbetween keep doing advised exercises by opening Brace.

3. When will the Physiotherapy start?

Physiotherapy will start from the next day of stitch removal, for this contact our physiotherapy department.

4. Where can I get my Physiotherapy done?

You can get your Physiotherapy done by therapist at your home, Galaxy Hospital or Orthocity Clinic, and if getting it done at any other place, always understand and follow the protocol. Long knee brace should be worn for around 10-15 days after the stitch removal.

5. For how long should I wear Hinge Knee Cap?

Post 21-30 days of Surgery, you will have to wear Hinge Knee Cap for about 2-3 months after removal of Long knee belt.

6. Are precautions I need to take while performing daily activities?

Riding motorbike, sitting on floor should be avoided for three months, and even after three months , sitting with folding legs and in half raised leg position should be done only as per the advise of your consultant.

7. Is it OK to have slight swelling in the Knee or Foot?

Slight swelling in Knee and Foot and little insensibility around the outer part of Knee can last for around 6 to 8 weeks.

8. I am having extreme pain. What should I do?

If you notice extreme swelling, extreme pain, high fever or any discharge from the site of surgery, visit the doctor immediately.

9. Is it OK if there is slight pain due to knee bending exercises?

During Physiotherapy pain can slightly increase from knee bending exercises. Contact us immediately in case of extreme pain.

10. When can I ride my cycle, motorbike or car?

Do not ride cycle or motorbike for about 3 to 4 months. Car driving can be done after 2 to 4 weeks of stitch removal.